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Basic 30 Keywords

$1,200 monthly


For small businesses and limited budget in house SEO teams

Boost your SEO initiatives with the basic 32 tools and strategies to increase visits to your site via natural search.

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Professional 150 Keywords

$2,000 monthly


For large and enterprise organizations

Includes everything in the Advanced package and up to 100 back-links and on page error fixing per month.

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Professional Plus


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A solution customized to your specific marketing needs

Boost Outreach scales with your business. For over 150 keywords contact us for specialized pricing.

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All plans include 28 advanced tools and features to boost your marketing.
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$2,000 /mo

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Additional for Every 15 Keywords
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Monthly Package Contains
SEO AUDIT Checking the current SEO position of your site and point out the elements for improvement. Yes Yes Yes Yes
KEYWORD RESEARCH Conducting a keyword research of low, medium and high level competition just in order to make a perfect match and right targeting. Yes Yes Yes Yes
RECOMMENDATIONS Providing you with the correct recommendations around site's betterment and improvements so no element can be missed out. Yes Yes Yes Yes
CONTENT ANALYSIS Content is the soul of your SEO body. We analyze the content from all aspects and make it SEO friendly to make good combinations. Yes Yes Yes Yes
INITIAL ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION There are a lot of on page errors in a site initially which are fixed in the early stages so there may not be any obstacle afterwards. Yes Yes Yes Yes
URL OPTIMIZATION URL must be optimized to get exceptional SEO results. We work on URL Optimization and optimize it as per SEO Standards. Yes Yes Yes Yes
SITEMAP SUBMISSION For a quicker crawling and indexing, we generate sitemaps of websites and submit them with Google so there may not be any delay in results. Yes Yes Yes Yes
ANALYTICS INSTALLATION Different Analytics such as Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, Google Tag Manager etc are installed just to figure out the true and fair SEO reports. Yes Yes Yes Yes
SEARCH CONSOLE INSTALLATION Installation of search console is mandatory for an efficient SEO practice as it helps you monitor and maintain your site's presence. Yes Yes Yes Yes
PENALTY ANALYSIS Penalty Analysis is also a important element as it identifies potential directions for the improvement of products, on the basis of surveys performed on consumers or experts. Yes Yes Yes Yes
BACK-LINK ANALYSIS & FIX Getting rid of toxic and bad links directed to your site just to have a strong position and better back-link results. Yes Yes Yes Yes
GOAL & EVENT TRACKING Goal and Event tracking is a great idea to know about your business conversions. You can use a custom metric to increment and serve as a counter every time a goal is achieved. Yes Yes Yes Yes
GOOGLE PLACE SETUP It is also important to setup your business place on Google and it helps in both SEO and Local SEO. Yes Yes Yes Yes
GOOGLE PLACE OPTIMIZATION Google Place optimization takes place where your business not in remote area or there is some issue on Google map. Yes Yes Yes Yes
BACK-LINKS PER MONTH Back links per month are dependent on your SEO package what you buy for your website. 30 75 100 30 75 100 Call for Information
ON PAGE ERROR FIXING On Page errors are the biggest hurdle of Good ranking as on page is directly linked with Google do's and don'ts 30 75 100 30 75 100 Call for Information
COMPETITORS RESEARCH Competitors research helps a site owner to set competitive prices, trends and redirection of site according to need of hour. Yes Yes Yes Yes
MONTHLY LOCAL SEO is the best fit for small businesses and for those enterprises that work in a limited area or particular regions. Yes Yes Yes Yes
MONTHLY ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION On page optimization keeps taking place monthly when errors are detected or some change is required. Yes Yes Yes Yes
CONTENT OPTIMIZATION Content optimization is done as per SEO requirements and Google trends i.g tags, keywords density etc Yes Yes Yes Yes
URL OPTIMIZATION URL is optimized in an SEO friendly way just to make easily accessible and crawl-able for Google. Yes Yes Yes Yes
META TAGS OPTIMIZATION Meta tags i.e Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions are written in SEO style and they are optimized for fast indexing. Yes Yes Yes Yes
ANALYTICS ANALYSIS Website analytics are analyzed in meaningful patterns so there may not be any malfunction occur during SEO. No Yes Yes Yes
SEARCH CONSOLE ANALYSIS Search console is analyzed so it can allow webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of website. No Yes Yes Yes
SCHEMA MARKUPS Schema Markups are installed on website just in order to make markup easier to do instead of going through the effort of devising your own markup No Yes Yes Yes
CAMPAIGN ANALYSIS Campaign analysis evaluates marketing campaign metrics to increase the quality and effectiveness of your websites marketing campaign. Yes Yes Yes Yes
MONTHLY CAMPAIGN ANALYSIS Campaigns are analyzed on monthly basis just to prevent any over optimization and be on the right track of SEO. Yes Yes Yes Yes
MONTHLY RANKING REPORT Ranking reports are generated monthly and shared gradually just to keep you updated around progresses. Yes Yes Yes Yes
MONTHLY ANALYTICS REPORT Analytics reports are generated monthly to share the visibility improvement and other Google factors. Yes Yes Yes Yes
MONTHLY LOCAL INSIGHT REPORT Local Insight reports are prepared and shared on monthly basis so there may not be any glitch in the community insight platforms. Yes Yes Yes Yes
MONTHLY REMARKS Remarks are given on monthly basis and compare with the previous months just to show a pace of improvement and other stats. Yes Yes Yes Yes
MONTHLY SUGGESTIONS Suggestions are also dispatch along with the other reports so client may take a right decision under the opinions of experts. Yes Yes Yes Yes

All plans include

  • SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Recommendations
  • Content Analysis
  • Initial On Page Optimization
  • URL Optimization
  • SITEMAP Submission
  • Analytics Installation
  • Search Console Installation
  • Penalty Analysis
  • Back-Link Analysis & Fix
  • Goal & Event Tracking
  • Google Place Setup
  • Google Place Optimization
  • Back-Links per Month
  • On Page Error Fixing
  • Competitors Research
  • Monthly Local SEO
  • Monthly On Page Optmization
  • Content Optimization
  • URL Optimization
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Analytics Analysis
  • Search Console Analysis
  • Schema Markups
  • Compaign Analysis
  • Monthly Compaign Analysis
  • Monthly Ranking Report
  • Monthly Analytics Report
  • Monthly Local Insight Report
  • Monthly Remarks
  • Monthly Suggestions
  • Back-Link Analysis
  • Strategy Analysis
  • Strategy Meeting


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